color creates vibration, hence movement... Brand Identity  as it relates to your vision...

When you visualize you set the foundation, the building blocks of that which you set forth to create. It is movement that is responsible for the actual process of development, or construction of

Brand Identity.


When you visualize you set the foundation, the building blocks of that which you set forth to create. Unlike brain storming, visualization entwines movement and rhythm via colorization, textures and tones.


Design...Web Design is perhaps is a most common forms of introduction. The Principles of Design, are the elemental art work tools for artists to create equilibrium.


Presentation is a reflection of that which you aspire to project. For some it may be as simple as a business card while for others may be more visually complex. Identity Design and fluidity is key.

...texture,color and form establish rhythm, key elements of Visual Branding


is strategic positioning by differentiation. An image, a name, a professional logo design and/or a tagline are visual elements of design intended to create and emotional response, a connection, resulting in subliminal presence.

One of the promises of branding is an increased edge in the competitive markets. Understanding brand positioning spans beyond the visual communication field and into the subliminal. 

Brand Identity

why branding is important...derived from who you are, and the way you desire to project yourself, your brand delivers a promise and with that promise, a level of expectation. Creating a brand identity can begin with your logo design, website design, packaging, and promotional materials.

These elements integrated, are the building blocks of your brand identity, your  journey in brand development, Brand Identity Guide is a great tool at the onset.

Defining your brand

is a journey, and the final destination is: Brand Identity. Branding yourself maps out your company's mission, products, and services, projecting a perceived value and quality associations. Consistency equates to strong brand equity/the very essence of Branding, thus resulting in increased value. Branding a company is equity value. Some of the best branding examples such as Apple are wonderful studies filled with intuitive branding ideas.

Brand identity examples as such provide the best insight to those looking to set themselves in a differentiated position. Begin with studying the steps to branding a company, and do not limit your self to brand identity guidelines. Finding and looking at various company branding examples you will gain clarity and insight. Brand identity guideline examples are just the starting point, dream on... Create your own limitless brand identity by way of visualization and implementation.


Branding...why is branding important? Creating brand identity

What is Branding? Definition of Brading in Marketing is limited compared the the value a brand lends in equity. Branding is one of the most important steps in developing a business. It is your story, relating it in the way you wish to be perceived in the competitive markets.

Chromadix, a Branding Strategy Agency, provides services that span beyond professional logo design. As a marketing agency we employ the most powerful tools available today, while maintaining autonomy in the field of Creative Agencies alike. Conceived in the field of Visual Communication, we propose clarity and understanding of the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and provide realistic, yet effective SEO plans while preserving art form. Your web pages will flow with flawless design, free of the usual clutter. Some of the best SEO companies out there seem to manage the optimization process as a focal point, at times lacking clarity with respect to the visual/subliminal field of branding.

This aspect is crucial, as branding is the very equity deriving success for a thriving business. This results in a lack of balance in the field of design. Brand marketing can be very complex, however the top success stories, rely on the strengths of visual/subliminal value, to create brand equity.


Creating your Brand Identity

Steps in Defining your Brand

Creating your Brand Identity should stem form who you are. This may require a bit of self searching, a pillar in brand development. It leads to identifying what is important to you. It may take a while, however things like your mission as a product or service provider is one of the first things that should come to mind. This will tell potential customers what to expect, and how to perceive your products and/or services. In the visual realm this can be a very powerful tool resulting to a specific, perception. It is important to understand, however, just as important to be understood. At Chromadix we strive to seek a level of understanding, leading to a journey. The final destination is molding into your vision, thus visualizing with you. The results are that which you have envisioned. 

Greatness begins with passion. Passion, leads to dreaming, and dreams translate to visions. Courage marks the beginning of making those dreams come true. Catching those dreams is our mission. Dare to dream! Define your dreams by identifying your mission, an uncompromised level of expectation, and create the qualities you wish you project. Defining your  Brand Identityis a complex task and it should envelop research. Gaining knowledge about your potential clients is important. Give careful consideration to leveraging the expertise of visual development to a the experts. At Chromadixwe dedicate optimal attention to your vision and projecting it to the smallest detail. Magnify your dreams and paint them in color! We make creating a brand an exiting journey.


Logo Design

Create a Logo! Place it strategically!...Professional Logo Design is essential in setting the tone and vibe for an establishment. For some it can be minimalist while others more detailed and complex. A logo can be a powerful way to establishing a strong connection that spans beyond the conscious mind. Designed to appeal to the subliminal mind, the right Professional Logo Design will bridge the transition from a mere connection to the formation of lasting relationships. Every great company starts with a great Professional Logo Design. While some choose to use logo maker or other online logo design options ie: create your own logo programs, make no mistake: the differentiation is marked when leveraging the expertise of a Professional Logo Design Firm. While many custom logo makers maintain their focus on business logo design, lacking the balance in the field of SEO. At Chromadix, we strive to preserve artistic value and principle of design while providing a Search Engine Optimization that is effective and realistic.

Logo Design can be traced back to ancient history

Archeological findings are proof that the history of symbology dates back to the beginning of mankind. The characteristic of symbols is the power to communicate subliminally. It is the same concept being employed today in logo design.

Brand Identity Integration

Brand Integration is an expertise. It is closely tied into Brand Identity and spans from the major to the minor aspects of a business. At Chromadix, our approach is that of a branding agency focused on: rhythm, flow and texture. Commencing with the Professional Logo Design, to Web Design and so on, the art elements should flow. Repetition is key, however a sensible, intuitive natural expert will know the proper strategy with respect to placement. The result should create interest and intrigue not boredom or clutter. Knowing when, how and how much can spell the difference. It is differentiation strategy that separate the experts from the amateur.

Business Card Design
Brochure Design

Business Card Design, is an elementary, yet powerful tool for any establishment. Making the right statement, leaving a lasting impression, beyond the initial hand shake, the design of the business card should be an expression of who you are. This can be the beginning stage of developing your brand identity.

Brochure Design,  Logo Design, Business Card Design should flow and represent Brand Identity  and Brand Integration. Weaving in the elements of design is one of the key roles of an expert in the Branding Filed. 

Web Desing

Designing your website should be fun. Today's Technological advancements open a portal of opportunities. Web design is a powerful tool of expression for business men and artists alike. It can be a tool for gaining spotlight and leveraging client attraction via marketing strategy that is far superior. Some Web design agencies have spun their focus on Search Engine Optimization to the point of loosing the art of aesthetics. As a Web Design Agency, we strategize our focus on the visual while weaving in the strategic marketing aspects seamlessly. The results are beautiful web pages free of the overwhelming clutter. We take note by viewing the fortune 500 companies and emulate while customizing and personalizing our services and visual direction accordingly. Take for instance Apple: it has been rated as a fast growing company with brand power as its main strength. Visit our Rates Page for more on web design options.

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