the psychology of logo shapes is a rich field of exploration

while embarking on the vast topic of logo shapes, I believe the most important consideration is negative space. We tend to focus first on the positive space, however I dare to start backwards. I believe when it comes to logo shapes, and logo design, the negative space is more important and should be given most consideration. It allows the human brain the needed space to retain this photographic memory and it it goes deep into the mechanics of the central nervous system, directly relating to the subconscious level.

To expand the use of psychology in logo design and logo shapes, let us refer to the Gestalt theories of German psychologists from the 1920s. They hold that the human brain unifies the visual elements it sees to form a whole that carries significantly more meaning. People form patterns out of similarly shaped objects, while objects that differ from the group become a focal point of the image. This suggest the brain's workings to be similar to those of a modern day computer.

yet another intriguing Gestalt principle, closure, is often used in logo design; this is when an object is incomplete but there is enough detail for the human eye to make the whole picture. This allows the human mind not only to imprint a photographic image but to also complete it, thus the deeper implications are seeded in this step. The meaning of this dwells deep within not only the mind, but into the soul and spirit of creation and completion. This experience spanning beyond the visual and into the visceral, remains imprinted into the experience, thus always to be remembered.

The logo shapes incorporated into designs become an intrinsic element in the message they will convey to the audience. Once you understand the psychology behind logo shapes you will be able to use this knowledge to create powerful brands for your clients, collectively.

when designing a logo, write down a list of values and attributes that the logo should convey. 

Once you have a feel for the message the logo needs to deliver, you will be able to look at how to scale not only logo shapes, but also colors and typefaces as well. Use these three elements in combination to create. Balancing the there element and establishing the focal point will result in equilibrium and facilitate the desired results. Cool logo shapes have common characteristics. For inspiration it is also helpful to look at Free Logo Design Ideas.

how the human mind perceives logo shapes

once we understand negative space and it's impact on the human mind, we can then decide on the characteristics of the logo shapes we want to use. It is almost always those characteristics stem from who we are.

simple logo design ideas are the most powerful ones. The human subconscious mind responds to simple logo shapes and it is much more impressionable than say the more complex ones. This is a basic understanding and proven throughout the marketing and branding history. One plain example is Nike's Swoosh.

examples of logo shapes

business logo shapes can be designed with straight line, circles, curves, to name a few. Logos with geometric shapes are very prevalent. These are free logo shapes that can impact your business.


It has also been suggested that triangles have a good association with power, science, religion and law. Triangles feature more prominently in the logos of companies whose products want to imply such associations.

let us look at the psychology of geometry beginning with the straight line. 

the straight line is one of the most used of shapes in branding. We could consider logo shapes to be one of the main points of the psychology of logo design, along side with color. 

Straight lines and precise logo shapes also suggest strength, ethic and efficiency. The vertical straight line for example can be used to impart power and class type vibrations. Vertical lines can be a sign of tranquility and calmness.

circles, ovals and eclipses

these are geometric shapes that project a positive emotional message. Using a circle in a logo can suggest community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. Rings have an implication of marriage and partnership, suggesting stability and endurance.  The power of the circle has been dated back to ancient cultures signifying the absolute symbol of unity. This proves that the psychology of logo design is hinged and dates back to deep rooted belief systems and have spiritual implications. The above are just some of the free shapes and symbols for logo designs, that we use to this day and technological advancements enables us to use vector shapes to create with. Free shapes for logos is just a starting point however.