Professional Logo Design
is core in the progressive process of Branding a product or service. It is the subliminal language that connects the consumer to an enterprise. As such, it must be powerful and simple. A logo is a symbol representing an entity, and idea, a concept, belief, action...

In considering the effect of a symbol on the psyche, in his seminal essay The Symbol without Meaning Joseph Campbell proposes the following definition: A symbol is an energy evoking, and directing, agent.

Later, expanding on what he means by this definition Campbell says:

"a symbol, like everything else, shows a double aspect. We must distinguish, therefore between the 'sense' and the 'meaning' of the symbol. It seems to me perfectly clear that all the great and little symbolical systems of the past functioned simultaneously on three levels: the corporeal of waking consciousness, the spiritual of dream, and the ineffable of the absolutely unknowable. The term 'meaning' can refer only to the first two but these, today, are in the charge of science – which is the province as we have said, not of symbols but of signs. The ineffable, the absolutely unknowable, can be only sensed. It is the province of art which is not 'expression' merely, or even primarily, but a quest for, and formulation of, experience evoking, energy-waking images: yielding what Sir Herbert Read has aptly termed a 'sensuous apprehension of being'



Professional Logo Design-Characteristics

To be effective, a Logo must be distinctive. Logo designs idea begins with a professional logo design. Logo creation will represent the characteristics of it's entity. It's characteristics will be closely related to the basic principles of art.
A professional log design should be simple, memorable, enduring, versatile, and above all appropriate. Create your won logo with Chromadix, a logo design studio specializing in custom logo design.

The simplicity of the professional logo designs

The simplicity of a professional logo design, allows for easy recognition and it has greater subliminal power than that of a complex logo design. 

Memorability of the professional logo design

It is a thin line between simplicity and memorability as it relates to the character of professional logo design. One cannot do without the other. It is the way the human eye registers and connects with the subconscious mind. Design your own business logo with the help of a visual designer... Create my logo online or Logomakr is not the same. Some logo customize programs make great promises, however the one on one experience with a logo creator is unique and the results do not compare.

It is a classic

A classic design will have relevance decades to come. 

Understanding, and power in being understood, as it relates to logo design

There is greatness in understanding, while the driving power comes form being understood. Understanding the targeted audience is crucial during the progressive process of brand development. In doing so the principle of design behind the logo, should then call out to the targeted consumer/audience. It is only then the actual logo design has accomplished its' task.


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