business card design card design is a powerful figment of brand identity. For small businesses unable to  afford a Logo, the business card design is the next best thing in creating that first impression. 

your business card design and brand identity card design should reflect the rest of your brand identity. Your business card will remain with your client long after the initial hand shake and it should be as impressive as you want to be in your potential client's mind. It should flow with the rest of the packaging materials or fit in snugly while standing out on it's own. 

                              card design and logo design samples

business card design should be as unique as your brand

you will spot the amateurs from the pros, as they will strive to create a card that matches the rest of the packaging materials. This is a mistake, your business card should be a flawless integration but must stand out of the rest of the packaging. Business cards represent a very powerful tool in presentation and the value of the business card design cannot be under estimated.

even some of the best business card websites offer limited design options. When designing a business cads the minors become majors. It is the small yet significant details that set you apart from the rest of the competition.

what about online business card design?

business card builder can be a helpful tool while brainstorming, however there are marked limitations. Business cards are tactile materials, and the card stock, laminate, or any other material choice is very important to conveying a certain impression. This along with other design elements are limited when using the online design programs.

                                              ... do not overlook tactility. I cannot stress the value of tactility with respect to your business card design. This is valuable as your potential client will touch your business card over and over. The same attention to detail is crucial as with the visual aspect that goes into this creative process.


when designing your business card do take texture into account

textiles are such a wonderful expression

business card printing

business card printing is another key element of design. I have had good printers make careless mistakes. Choosing the right printer is yet another important step in your journey.

be careful when opting for Vista Business Cards, Business Cards Cheap, and /or Make Your Own Business Cards as you may end up with what you bargained for.

business card design online is limited and in some cases cheap, however, if you own a small business and cannot afford a logo or a branding visual design, it is best to invest in designing a business card with the help of an expert.