...why is branding important?

branding is responsible for creating identity. In creating a brand identity you are establishing your product or service in the marketing community. By doing so you set an expectation. When creating brand identity one must consider all the senses. One of the most identifiable is the visual brand identity. Branding spans beyond the visual, it extends to the way you answer phones the atmosphere you create and so forth, the importance of branding cannot be underestimated. Brand identity should be specific and set apart as well as memorable. The elements that create your brand identity should be recognizable.

what is brand identity in branding?

brand identity are all the elements that determine how your audience perceive you. In branding this is key. Brand identity are the characteristics that you identify yourself and they way others will identify with. It is a set level of expectation. The elements that create brand identity are visual, tactile, audible to name a few.

what is visual branding or brand identity?

the visual branding aspect of branding is probably the most influential as it is the absolute most subliminal aspect thus being the most powerful  in establishing a brand. It is sort of like a stamp that leaves an memorable impression on us.

the visual aspect of creating brand identity is the color palette, font size and style, uniforms and such. Perhaps the most influential is the Logo. 

the Logo...

a logo is a very powerful means in creating brand identity. Due to it's symbolic nature, the logo has the power to create the intended subliminal message, in the same way color and form can combined. 

color in branding

color is a very important aspect of branding and creating brand identity. Color has the power to convey emotion and as such it ranks up high in the process of branding yourself. Branding a company starts with color. For example yellow is the color of can convey illumination and vibrancy while it can be frustrating for others. When using this color some may choose to tone it down with gray thus resulting in a more neutral palette choice. Creating a palette is therefore part of the branding strategy, resulting in a certain desired effect on the audience. Read more on psychology of color in branding.

form and brand identify creation 

form is just as important in brand identity creating. The most simplistic element of design is the line. the line can be vertical, horizontal or  angled. A vertical line establishes authority for example. The line can be used to establish form. Think of the circle,s-shape, square and so on. These are all means of expression that date back to ancient times as meaningful ways of communication.


branding strategy is crucial, and every aspect of branding is equally important, however being unique is a statement on its own and free programs or business name generator, free catchy business names ideas won't quite cut  it. Not for those looking to create something that is set apart from the rest. 

branding marketing

these two words are inseparable or at least they should be. Every element of branding is closely related to marketing. In establishing value, as a brand you establish identity and thus attract your audience. While meeting a need you place your product or service in a specific community.